Thursday, February 9, 2012


LPRRN lists job prior run information.  This information is of the last successful completion of the job.


LIST=STATUS JOB=KMPA@CMS                                                                            DATE=97.336    PAGE 0001

    A               B           C                 D               E                    F                  G        H       I          J                                                                               
  JOB               CA-7    DEADLINE         START        DUE-OUT        COMPLETE           CPU       SCH  ENTRY   JOB     
KMPA@CMS 4800    335/2051           335/1930        335/2100           97335/1930     ALL-SYSP  001   SSCN     C-C0000  
SLIF-00 REQUEST COMPLETED AT 12:43:00 ON 97.336                                

Item Description

    JOBNAME - The name of the job as defined in the database
    CA-7 JOB# -  Job number that was assigned by CA-7 on initial queue entry.
    DEADLINE DDD/HHMM -  A calculated time by which this job should have started to have been completed by the due-out time.
    START DDD/HHMM - The time that the job actually started.
    DUE-OUT DDD/HHMM - The original due-out time for this job.
    COMPLETE YYDDD/HHMM - The date and time  this job actually completed.
    CPU SPEC/RUN -  The MAINID specified for this job to be submitted to/and the system that it ran on.
    SCH ID - The schedule ID that this job was brought into the request queue and ran under.
     ENTRY MODE - How the job was brought into the queue.
  •         ARFJ for an ARF job Note:  If ARF detects an exception condition for the job, the last character of this field will have an asterisk as in the following:  DEM*.
  •        AUTO for a TRIGGERed job.
  •        DEMD for a DEMANDed job.
  •        EXTL for a job submitted external to CA-7.
  •        SSCN for a job record brought in by schedule scan. 

A.    JOB STATUS - The highest condition code passed by any step within this job.

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